WiseChip Semiconductor Inc.

WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. was established in November 2005, and has broken into the optic-electrical industry at full speed with a strong technical and management team, devoting itself to the research and development, design, manufacturing, and marketing of OEL (OLED, Organic Light Emitting Diode).

OLED Benefits

We are a professional manufacturer of OLED Benefits. Our OLED Benefits is designed to meet your specific technical and performance requirements. With our expertise, we have been offering quality Technology renowned for premium features at competitive prices. From product specification and selection through delivery and beyond, our staffs are committed to making it easy for you to get the products and the information you need when you need them. We develop reasonable price and durable OLED Benefits that tends to cater to the demands of optimum performance.
The nature of OLED displays significantly different from LCD and VFD, both in terms of performance and efficiency.

The following table lists the standard 16 * 2 Character type OLED display of WiseChip comparing with LCD and VFD16 * 2 Character type. Then you can clearly realize the benefits of OLED displays. Using OLED displays immediately, to enhance the value of your product!
16 Charaters × 2 Lines
COG Verslon
PCB version
Weight(g) 11.5 21.88 30~35 ~130
Thickness(mm) 2.15 9.7 10.1 14.4
Outer Lead Type Hotbar/Soldering 2.54mm Pin pitch 2.54mm Pin pitch 2.54mm Pin pitch
Interface 4-/8- bit 68××/80×× Parallel,
4-/8- bit 68××/80×× Parallel,
4-/8- bit 68××/80×× Parallel 4-/8- bit 68××/80×× Parallel
Back Light NO NO LED No
View Angle Free Free 60(H/V) >160(H/V)
Contrast Ratio >10,000:1 >10,000:1 10:1 1000:1
Resolution Dot Gap(mm) High  0.03 × 0.03 High  0.03 × 0.03 Low  0.05×0.05 High  0.05×0.05
Response Time ~µSec ~µSec mSec ~µSec
Driving Voltage(V) 3~5 3~5 3 or 5 40
Power Consumption(30% Turn On)(mW) ~100 ~100 500 680
Power Consumption(100% Turn On)(mW) ~200 ~200 500 680
High brightness Life time(k hours) 40 40 20~30 30~40
Operation Temperature -40°C~85°C -40°C~85°C -20°C~70°C -40°C~80°C
Character Font ROM 4 types in one IC 4 types in one IC 1 types in one IC 1~2 types in one IC
Sunlight Readable Option Yes Yes No No
As a professional OLED Benefits manufacturer, WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. has an excellent advantage over the competition, developing strong designs at very competitive prices but maintaining extremely high quality. For more customized demands that can’t be found in our standard product lines, we also can offer a solution to combine your specific requirements into our new design standard products. We appreciate your interest, feedback, and suggestion. If you have any questions about OLED Benefits of WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. or issues, please leave your message and contact information on our website.