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WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. was established in November 2005, and has broken into the optic-electrical industry at full speed with a strong technical and management team, devoting itself to the research and development, design, manufacturing, and marketing of OEL (OLED, Organic Light Emitting Diode).

Happy New Year & WiseChip announces the revolutionary p..

Dear WiseChip Partners,

Happy New Year!

It is time again to bring many best wishes for the New Year. WiseChip appreciates your great effort and friendship to support WSI in 2010. WiseChip wishes the merriest of New Year to you and your loved ones, and we wish you happiness and prosperity in the year ahead.

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WiseChip announces the revolutionary performance OLED module
WiseChip, a leading innovator of OLED technology, today unveils a series of the innovative OLED standard displays with COG (Chip on Glass) package which including monochrome types of 96x16, 96x39 and 128x32. These new products of customer sample will be available in Q1, 2011.

Magical & Revolutionary Features at Monochrome OLED with COG type.
WiseChip new monochrome OLED with COG package type for customers easily upgrade your applications from LCD and VFD displays to OLED displays in the beginning of design stage.
The newly monochrome OLED with COG package type inherits the original advantage from a continuity of existing products. These innovative monochrome OLED are a low-power-consumption solution, and were the COG type package to implement the power-saving applications as well as they provide the breakthrough of both simplify design layout and thickness of 1.33mm only. Demand for environmentally-responsible products – OLED display, that is designed for power saving as well as high performance has increased significantly.

Achievement the Best of Both Worlds:Cost & Performance!
What a astonishing!One considerable advantage is the newly monochrome OLED module can reduce cost of customer entire BOM which benefited greatly by this kind of solution. "Moreover, the newly monochrome OLED module has highly compatible with the existing monochrome OLED and LCM.

Experience WiseChip Monochrome OLED with COG type package.
In 2010 year of accomplishment, WiseChip is the world's first PM OLED solution that provides you with complete solutions no matter what your application challenge. We simultaneously provide hardware & software resources and professional support to customers as well as we offer the perfect combination of excellence in cost and performance. What's more, we're efficient, so you are guaranteed of on-time delivery to market.

Standard Monochrome OLED List
Type Diagonal Size Part Number Pixel Number Color Package Active Area (mm) Panel Size
Monochrome 0.69” UG-9616TSWCG02 96 × 16 White COG 17.26 × 3.18
26.30 × 8.00 × 1.30
Monochrome 0.82” UG-9639TLBEG03 96 × 39 Blue COG 19.372 × 7.858 23.80 × 16.20 × 1.30
Monochrome 1.04" UG-2832TSWGG01 128 × 32 White COG 25.58 × 6.38 29.80 × 14.50 × 1.30

Enjoy Monochrome OLED Green Features & Advantages

  • OLED power consumption:
    • Depend on turn on pixel quantity
    • Depend on brightness
  • 3 High efficiency:
    • Energy-effective
    • Cost-effective
    • Bright-effective
  • Slim & Tough:
    • Thin (≦1.3mm, COG)
    • Light and durable
    • By integrating driver ICs and OLED, the number of external circuit of connectors and parts are reduced.
  • 3 High Picture Quality:
    • High resolution
    • High contrast ratio (10,000:1)
    • High-speed response (10us)
  • Widely Operation Temperature (-40~85℃)
  • Free Viewing Angle, bright and distinct screen from anywhere.

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