WiseChip Semiconductor Inc.

WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. was established in November 2005, and has broken into the optic-electrical industry at full speed with a strong technical and management team, devoting itself to the research and development, design, manufacturing, and marketing of OEL (OLED, Organic Light Emitting Diode).

2011 WiseChip Family Day..

Dear WiseChip Partners,

26th, November, 2011, WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. (WiseChip, WSI) is a one of leading OLED solution provider in the global. Today, in Window on China theme park where located in Longtan Taoyuan County, took place a yearly happiness activity of Family Day, 2011 WiseChip – Magical Party. WiseChip is delighted to have the whole personnel, family and friends gather to join the festival together. Besides, WiseChip Family Day is one of yearly company event, which the day – Family Day, highlights the importance of families and we think a family is a group of persons whose members love and try to help each other. This time, many colleagues enthusiastically participated in the wonderful event. WiseChip held a series of party games like, Mora and Math Riddle, to has colleagues, relatives and friends to play with here create a wonderland.

WiseChip presented the spirit of both a fully creative and an amusing design, meanwhile, hoped bring the brisk feeling to colleagues and relatives every year it’s like a Carnival which it is favorable for the whole family to participate in fun, that is why they are really looking forward to join the great event each year.

What is the most important for a technology company, of course, Talent, WiseChip emphasized on, People-Oriented, Continuous Learning and Teamwork, and offers colleagues a good working environment, which enables them to display their talent.

Employees are our greatest asset, but also because of the support of dependents and relatives quietly with worry-free to allow staff can to focus on research and development work. So on matter economic growth or economic recession, how the company’s business situation is, WiseChip is hoping to go through this kind of activity to express our appreciation to our colleagues also to thank for yours relatives and friends devotion of time and support.
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