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WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. was established in November 2005, and has broken into the optic-electrical industry at full speed with a strong technical and management team, devoting itself to the research and development, design, manufacturing, and marketing of OEL (OLED, Organic Light Emitting Diode).

WiseChip Participates in Display Taiwan 2011 & Launch C..

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The Dragon Boat Festival, also called Double Fifth Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth moon of the lunar calendar. It is one of the most important Chinese festivals, the other two being the Autumn Moon Festival and Chinese New Year. Many Folk can eat the Zhongzi except the yellow wine and the Dragon Boat Racing and most importantly the family member can hold together to appreciate the holiday. WiseChip wishes the warmest of the Dragon Boat Festival to you and your loved ones, and we wish you happiness and prosperity in the whole year.

WiseChip Dominates Moderate-Growing PM OLED Market in Q4, 2010.

News report:

WiseChip Participates in Display Taiwan 2011 during 14th~16th June.

WiseChip (WSI) is going to attend Display Taiwan 2011 exhibition and showcase a series of new products such as unique Character type OLED, Graphic type OLED and so on. The exhibition will be held in Taipei (Nangang ) during 14th to 16th June. You are welcome to visit our booth!

Date:June 14th (Tue.) – 16th (Thu.), 2011
Time:10:00am -17:30pm
Venue:Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall, 1F.
( No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan )
WiseChip booth:I – 1020
Display Taiwan 2011

We're looking forward to see you in Display Taiwan 2011.

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1、New Product Instruction – Character Type OLED of Updating Monochrome Model

1、 New Product Instruction – Character Type OLED of Updating Monochrome Model

(1) Introduction – Character Type OLED of Updating Monochrome Model

HsinChu, Taiwan, May, 2011 – WiseChip (WSI) introduces a family of Character type OLED that enables 5 monochrome models which they are Yellow, White, Red, Green, and Blue. The novel solution of Character type OLED achieves unprecedented performance and high-integration as well as very low power consumption that is ideally suited for use-less-energy device applications. In addition to better accuracy and reliability of Character type OLED solution, the Driver IC also combines unique feature to provide high-sensitivity designers, to mitigate multipath effects in harsh environment and to minimize the impact of compatible design.
WiseChip, a leading provider of PM OLED solutions, today launched that its Character type OLED has been developed the new monochrome color, Red, Green, and Blue. The advantage of WiseChip Character type OLED has innovative ability and make great strides toward competitive market, in particular WiseChip is always satisfied customers need.
It is particularly worth mentioning that WiseChip unveils the innovative Character type OLED with COG (Chip on Glass) package which WiseChip is first provider in the PM OLED market worldwide. As WiseChip Character type OLED provides both COG and PCB solutions which can be inherited and completely compatible with the existing Character type LCD and VFD modules. WiseChip has created the package with best-in-class COG type for the advanced Character type OLED solution to enable customers to instantly stream the industry, customers can significant savings in development resources and streamline materials management as well.
In addition, we found that the Character type OLED not only excels in picture quality and free view angle, but also delivers outstanding low power consumption that will enhance the overall consumer viewing experience of our customers.
Furthermore, WiseChip provides Character type OLED built-in unique Driver IC for its capability to integrate high single IC, built-in many languages and it can be displayed English, Mathematics, Japanese, European, Turkey and Vietnam. Ultimately help customers achieve the most cost-effective and high quality design to enhance product differentiation on the customer flexibility. Character type OLED innate advantage is slim and light, and its life time has up 30,000 to 50,000 hours or more, free view angle, to present consumers a rich feast of visual entertainment. The following are basic information and icons for the high-performance Character Type OLED.

Diagonal Size Format Char. x line Part Number Active Area(WxH) mm Color Character Size(WxH) mm Pixel Size(WxH) mm Package
2.26" 16 x 2 UC-1602ASYCG01 56.22 x 11.52 Yellow 2.97 x 5.57 0.57 x 0.67 COG
2.26" 16 x 2 UC-1602ASWCG01 56.22 x 11.52 White 2.97 x 5.57 0.57 x 0.67 COG
2.26" 16 x 2 UC-1602ASRCG01 56.22 x 11.52 Red 2.97 x 5.57 0.57 x 0.67 COG
2.26" 16 x 2 UC-1602ASGCG01 56.22 x 11.52 Green 2.97 x 5.57 0.57 x 0.67 COG
2.26" 16 x 2 UC-1602ALBCG01 56.22 x 11.52 Blue 2.97 x 5.57 0.57 x 0.67 COG

16 x 2 Character Type OLED Feature Unit Yellow White Red Green Blue
Power Consumption @100% Turn-on (mA) 30 33 15 13 14
Power Consumption @50% Turn-on (mA) 16 18 8.8 7.8 8.2
Power Consumption @30% Turn-on (mA) 10 11 5 4.5 5
Supply Voltage for Logic (VDDIO) (V) 5 5 5 5 5
Supply Voltage for Display (Vcc) (V) 12 12 9 9 9
Operating Temperature Range (℃) -40 ~ 85℃ -40 ~ 85℃ -40 ~ 85℃ -40 ~ 85℃ -40 ~ 85℃
Luminance (nits) 150 120 50 150 80
View Angle ( ° ) Free Free Free Free Free
Dark Room Contrast Ratio   10,000 : 1 10,000 : 1 10,000 : 1 10,000 : 1 10,000 : 1
Module Weight (g) 4.98 4.98 4.98 4.98 4.98
Same mounting hole as LCD   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in Fonts ROM   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Life Time to half brightness (hrs) 50,000 30,000 30,000 50,000 40,000

Note 1:Brightness (Lbr) and Supply Voltage for Display (VCC) are subject to the change of the panel characteristic and the customer's request.
Note 2:The samples used for the above tests include polarizer. If the samples don't attach the polarizer, the brightness will increase by 2.4 times.


UC-1602ASYCG01, 16x2, Yellow, COG.

UC-1602ASWCG01, 16x2, White, COG.

UC-1602ASRCG01, 16x2, Red, COG.

UC1602ASGCG01, 16x2, Green, COG.

UC-1602ALBCG01, 16x2, Blue, COG.

WiseChip is honored to brand customers with a high-competitive solutions and more flexible customize design to cost competitive all kinds applications, our customers benefit definitely from WiseChip compelling PM OLED solutions for customer products can be time to market accurately.

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